First National Congress of Wildlife Diseases & Conservation

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About Congress

Wildlife diseases management plays an important role in protecting animal species and preventing the destruction of genetic populations, especially in small populations and endangered species. Undoubtedly, connecting event-related circles, monitoring and surveillance of wildlife diseases will make the process of protection more complete and efficient.

Therefore, “in this congress for the first time in the country and region”, we determine, with the gathering of wildlife researchers from inside and outside the country in one place, investigating the current status of protection and diseases, and would be able to identifying the challenges of this field and with the collective wisdom of researchers and finally, we will come up with practical solutions to improve the surveillance system in the wild, for each defined agenda.

National Congress of Wildlife Diseases & Conservation By focusing on the challenges, requirements and solutions of conservation and its role in One Health will be held on  December 2019 will by the Environmental Institute and the sustainable development of the Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with organizations, research centers and related NGOs.

The main goals of the congress are as follows:

  • Discussion and review of existing challenges in the areas of conservation, health and management of wildlife diseases,
  • Promoting Cross-Sectorial collaborations in controlling disease with One Health approach,
  • Involvement of experts and acquaintance with modern methods of education and research in the field of conservation and wildlife diseases,

In this event, we plan to provide more discussion space by creating different panels with the presence of domestic and foreign experts in each panel to achieve successful management, research and educational solutions. Also, during the congress days, several workshops on different fields of conservation and disease will be held to share the new and applied ways of dealing with wildlife in the areas of conservation and disease.

The congressional organizers in scientific and executive committees hopes that with the participation of researchers, wildlife NGOs and young researchers, they would strengthen in documentation and promoting the results of the country’s research findings in the field of health, disease and wildlife conservation, and also, Inform of authorities and decision-makers in the challenges and the latest scientific findings in the field of wildlife Iran and the region, will increase and, Consultation and development of wildlife diseases among experts, the provision of modern health surveillance and management of wildlife in the area and shelters and improving inter-sectorial collaboration, done.

It has also been endeavored to provide the information needed by scholars and enthusiasts to attend this scientific meeting at various congressional sections. In addition, our colleagues at the Congressional Secretariat are ready to answer questions at

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